Tahaji Felder had no plans on becoming a social entrepreneur. Equipped with a Master's Degree in International Business under her arm, & a love of fashion, she went beyond the status quo, said yes to her dream, & launched Goose & Gander Brand in 2015. She launched the brand after a long career in finance, getting laid off from her corporate job as an accountant, & no traditional design experience. Goose & Gander Brand has grown into more than a brand but a community.

Through her empowering talks with students & business professionals, Tahaji shares how to pursue your passion, create positive impact, & create a startup brand blueprint. She has spoken for numerous schools, conferences, has been featured on NBC 6 in the Mix, podcasts, & blogs. Fear is the #1 dream killer and her life's passion is to inspire others to do more of what they love & leap through fear. Tahaji's believes, "Life is meant to be lived, not drudged through!"

Fun Facts: Tahaji loves 80s movies & Twizzlers. She's currently trying to build a lifetime collection of both!

Tahaji's Talks

How to Give the Goose

In this motivational talk, Tahaji invites the audience to embrace the idea of a more fulfilled & engaged lifestyle. She shares 5 key elements to pursuing your passion, her personal journey of overcoming doubt, & real world stories to empower the audience to create positive impact.

7 Keys to Creating Your Start Up Brand Success

90% of start ups fail. It's a staggering number but many DO succeed. Tahaji shares how she's been able to create early success with a small budget, intertwines real world experiences, how to build a start up around your passion, & the tangibles to build a solid foundation.

The Power of Showing Up

The first step to achieving greatness is believing but the most important step is showing up. With a fresh perspective, Tahaji empowers the audience to take action in their everyday lives to enhance personal growth, & the importance of helping others. She shares how you can accomplish goals with small consistent steps.

Featured Talks

Tahaji is passionate about helping others tap into their greatness & wants to make your event a success.

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