Have you ever chosen the safe route because of fear or self doubt, instead of pursuing something you really wanted?  For as long as I can remember, I've loved design but was afraid of stepping into my true passion, & going against the status quo.  After years of dreaming & getting laid off from my full time job as an accountant, I decided it was time to take a leap, pursue my passion, & launch Goose & Gander Brand in 2015.

Goose & Gander Brand is a lifestyle brand inspired by the pursuit of passion-or what's coined Give the Goose.  We exist to empower you to pursue your passion. We create timeless lifestyle goods influenced by classic "Americana," & valuable content to inspire you to take on new adventures.

Our Story

No matter what job I had, I felt like something was missing-like there was a bigger purpose out there for me.  After conversations with friends & people I met, I realized many of us shared the same story-we were doing something good, but still felt unfulfilled.  I started Goose & Gander Brand in my bedroom, with no traditional design experience, no idea of what I was doing, the family garage as the "warehouse," & Google as my main resource.  

I believe a simple, quality t-shirt is the perfect foundation for your wardrobe-one that you can live in, & wears in better with every wash.  I believe in accessible quality & wanted to create a simple platform for you to express yourself.  Growing up in Connecticut, New York, & South Florida, a lot of my design aesthetic is influenced by those areas, so the brand is very personal to me.




Goose & Gander Brand is more than a brand but a community.  I collaborate often with non profits in South Florida that share the same mission, including creating the EmpowerYOU Series with One Page Closer. The EmpowerYOU Series empowers dreams through conversation by giving high school students first hand knowledge of entrepreneurship from small business owners.  In turn, students donate books to low income communities in need. To date we've donated nearly 300 books. I often use the word "we" throughout the brand because without the support of you, a very small team of freelancers, close friends, & family, the brand wouldn't exist.


Sharing the Message

I believe our greatest success is helping others through our passion-shifting the focus from just making money to making impact. Through speaking, I love empowering others to Give the Goose, create positive impact, & create a startup brand blueprint.


Dream BIG

I've used "crawling/walking/learning," & a great circle of support to fuel the journey.  To know that I started with 5 t-shirt designs, & watch the brand grow has been very humbling.  

There is always room to do more of what we love.  I believe the best way is by making the decision to go beyond boundaries & take a leap.  I hope Goose & Gander Brand resonates with you, empowers you to say yes to your dreams no matter how big or small, & just have fun doing it.

Thank you for supporting Goose & Gander Brand & what we believe matters. 

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