EmpowerYOU Series-Ep. #1 Success!

I've done quite a bit of speaking this year from 4th graders to millennials in Salt Lake City, Utah (which is a beautiful city should you ever visit).  I speak about the pursuit of passion, sharing your greatness already within, & helping others while doing it; which is my passion.  This summer I met an amazing 17yr old entrepreneur, Kaina Lisibach, who started a non profit called One Page Closer; which donates fully stocked bookcases to kids & teens in low-income communities.  I was so impressed by her!  Together we've created the EmpowerYOU Series!  

How it Works:

  • Myself & 1 rotating entrepreneur will take over 1 school period to share with students our business journeys, tips, & how they can apply that to their future.
  • To attend, students have to bring 1 book to donate to those in need to One Page Closer.

Thats it!

I'm often asked, "How can I start my business?"  Although I'm not a pro, I hope what I've learned so far can inspire students, & they can help others at the same time!  Plus, who doesn't love a break in the school day? :)

Ep. #1 at John A. Ferguson High School was a success!  I get nervous when creating new ventures not knowing the outcome.  Almost 200 students attended & a good amount of books were donated!  Here's a recap of how it all went down!


You can learn more about One Page Closer here.  If you think the EmpowerYOU Series would be cool for your school or a school you know comment below!  THANK YOU for your support.



  • Tahaji

    Hi Katrece! Please look out for a full EmpowerYOU Series site coming soon! In the meantime, please send a direct email to & I will send you more detailed info!

  • Katrece Boyd

    I love this idea!! Is there an EmpowerYOU website or resource that I can send my local schools? I believe this could be very beneficial for some schools here and I have a few entrepreneur friends that would probably love to help.

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