Fail, Tweak, Learn, GROW

In July I went to LA to speak on the panel for the Build Your Own Brand National Tour!  This 10 city tour criss-crossed the country & gave early entrepreneurs an opportunity to hear the stories of other entrepreneurs, tips to create a better business, & connection like no other!  It was my first time visiting LA & the trip was nothing short of amazing!  The relationships & bonds that I've built while running Goose & Gander Brand have been at the core of my journey.

I started Goose & Gander Brand from my bedroom, with no prior experience, & Google as my main resource.  There have been MANY ups, downs, & everything in between on my journey.  I'm constantly failing but through that, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is the power of failing (fast), tweaking, learning, & GROWING.

Fail (fast)
It's easy to look at failure as a negative experience.  (I'm guilty of this.)  One of my biggest early failures was not having contracts in place when working with vendors.  I learned quickly from that experience after there was a major discrepency, & now have that in place.  Failure is apart of the journey but failing fast & moving forward is the key.
With failing fast, tweaking & adjusting from what we've learned is important.  As Lead Goose, I wear many hats & have to make financial > design > brand growth decisions which all require me to make adjustments along the way.  Our journeys can throw many unexpected experiences at us.  Being able to change course makes us stronger & helps us reach our goals.
I am CONSTANTLY learning as Lead Goose.  As a new entrepreneur, I've had to adjust my career outlook, as well as learn many facets of business that I'm not familiar with.  Sometimes it can be frustrating but this journey has been the most rewarding phase of my life.  I had to learn how to start & run a business from scratch.  So I don't feel overwhelmed, my method has been crawling & walking.  There is so much inspiration & opportunity around us to learn more.  The fun is in BECOMING more for others.
I started Goose & Gander Brand in September 2015 & I'm so thankful for the brand's growth.  It would not have happened without YOUR support.  I run the brand with support from family (especially my mom), a few friends, & freelancers.  Although we've experienced success, there is PLENTY of room for growth.  I'm working hard on ways to better the brand experience, products, & myself as an entrepreneur.  Each day, there are ways we can grown individually.  As we grow further into our greatness, our journey becomes even GREATER.

Here is a recap of the event!  What is the biggest lesson you've learned on your journey?  I'd love to hear below.  Enjoy!

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