Behind the Scenes of Faith Over Fear

Every tee that I design is a labor of love.  It starts with a vague thought, which turns into a scribbled idea in my IPhone notes, a full concept, a few tweaks in design, & finally a finished product.  Many people ask how I come up with design ideas.  Inspiration for me is everywhere-a random thought, something I hear, personal experience, or conversation with someone.  All of our products are meant to be simply designed with a lot of impact.  Our Faith Over Fear tee is no different!  

When thinking of the concept behind this tee, I thought about how fear can take such a hold of us in the pursuit of passion-fear of failure, what others think, or stepping out of our comfort zone.  I know first hand what that's like but there is so much power in choosing faith OVER fear in those moments.  Like all of our designs, this tee is very personal to me, & I'm sure you can relate to choosing faith OVER fear & taking a leap, in spite of.  With summer also in full swing, I went for a lighter color palette & a vneck design.

Photoshoots for our tees are always a lot of fun!  Because I am always "crawling, walking, & learning," I make sure that I write out the shots that I envision, which also helps to stay on schedule.  Of course it doesn't always go as planned, but I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to start a brand instead of fully "winging it."  Creating this tee start to finish was a joy & I am glad to bring you behind the scenes into our photoshoot.  Take a peek & enjoy!  Nothing special is created without great people so THANK YOU to Eclair, Christina, Allison, & Jamal for bringing this tee to life!


THANK YOU for your support! If you have any questions or feedback leave us a comment below. 

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