Give the Goose

What does Give the Goose mean you ask? It means to pursue whatever it is you are passion about, in spite of! Here we share goodness, inspiration & tips on pursuing your passion, inspiring stories from the community who embodies Give the Goose, & a behind the scenes look into Goose & Gander Brand. This is a journey to empower you to do more of what you love & move into new adventures. Enjoy! 

Fail, Tweak, Learn, GROW

In July I went to LA to speak on the panel for the Build Your Own Brand National Tour!  This 10 city tour criss-crossed the country & gave early entrepreneurs an opportunity to hear the stories of other entrepreneurs, tips to create a better business, & connection like no other!  It was my first time visiting LA & the trip was nothing short of amazing!  The relationships & bonds that I've built while running Goose & Gander Brand have been at the core of my journey. I started Goose & Gander Brand from my bedroom, with no prior experience, & Google as my main resource.  There have been MANY ups, downs, & everything in between on my journey.  I'm constantly...

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Behind the Scenes of Grit & Glory

I'm often asked, "How do you come up with design ideas?"  Inspiration for me is everywhere-something I hear, a personal experience, or conversation with someone.  Although all of the tees are very personal to me, they are meant to take on a meaning for you wearing it.  The inspiration behind the 8th addition to our collection Grit & Glory is no different!   Grit & Glory was inspired by a morning conversation with my friend Stephanie.  She asked, "What's been the key for you to keep going with the brand?"  My response was, "Constantly tapping into grit for the long term goal."  Today with so much at our finger tips instantly, its easy to overlook steps along our journey.  I've definitely felt impatient...

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Give the Goose Feature-Thomas Knox

When I launched the Give the Goose blog, I knew I wanted to shine more light on the community pursuing their passion, & using their ideas to empower people around them (Giving the Goose).  It's easy to get bombarded by negative news in the media, so I wanted to share the positive stories of everyday people shaping the world.  Thomas Knox fully embodies Give the Goose & I hope his story inspires you to stay in pursuit & make an impact in your own way! With a simple idea, Thomas Knox has been making a big impact.  Frustrated with New York City subway travel, he created Date While You Wait with one premise in mind-to create connection.  I recently sat down with Thomas...

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6 Things I've Learned in 1 Year as Lead Goose

September marked 1 year since I launched Goose & Gander Brand.  I can't believe 1 year has gone by already!  I often share that this has been one of the most rewarding & challenging years of my life!  I didn't start Goose & Gander Brand with a huge business plan but have used what I call "crawling, walking, and learning" throughout the journey.   I keep a journal of all the ups and downs of the journey and was recently reflecting through it.  As I was reflecting, there were a few things that stood out that have helped me build the brand along the way.  Here are 6 things that have helped shape Goose & Gander Brand.  I'm often asked, "How...

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EmpowerYOU Series-Ep. #1 Success!

I've done quite a bit of speaking this year from 4th graders to millennials in Salt Lake City, Utah (which is a beautiful city should you ever visit).  I speak about the pursuit of passion, sharing your greatness already within, & helping others while doing it; which is my passion.  This summer I met an amazing 17yr old entrepreneur, Kaina Lisibach, who started a non profit called One Page Closer; which donates fully stocked bookcases to kids & teens in low-income communities.  I was so impressed by her!  Together we've created the EmpowerYOU Series!   How it Works: Myself & 1 rotating entrepreneur will take over 1 school period to share with students our business journeys, tips, & how they can...

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